Donner, Party of Seven?


When I was kid I thought the drive from Davis to Tahoe was just about the longest, most agonizing ride you could experience. As it turns out, the directions for the longest ride to Tahoe are as follows: Head South-East on the wrong freeway and end up in a touristy gold-mining town.  Then take a slow, windy detour to the Auburn In N’ Out. Follow the same road after making yourself sick from a mix of peanut butter pretzels, ginger beer, and Ira Glass’ ever-so-smooth, always-so-nasal voice. Stick head out window to ensure that you are still alive. Arrive, dear friend, at Tahoe to reap your reward.

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More things I found in books

Since I got such a positive response for the last post, I’ll share a few more things I found in books. I can’t seem to remember what the titles of the books were for any of the following photos I found, so here’s to a more organized New Year. Hope you enjoy these lost and found faces as much as I do.

Oh, and, Happy Birthday, Mom! January 13th!

Things I Found in Books

What I look for in a book is pretty simple: I’m a sucker for a good story. But sometimes I get an extra bonus when flipping through the pages of a used paperback. Usually, the only thing left in a book is a receipt or a bookmark—pretty boring stuff. Sometimes just torn off pieces of paper, or, most often, nothing at all. A few tucked corners and maybe an inscription on the cover page. “Happy Birthday Sara, love always, Mom.”

Once I found $50 in a book on how to make money with your gun collection. I’ve found porn tucked between the pages of military uniforms in WWII. I’ve read some pretty heartfelt inscriptions in poetry anthologies dated not long before they were sold for a few bucks. Sometimes the best part of buying a book that has already been read is taking home with it a little piece of something the former owner left behind. I’ve gotten better at not buying the actual book itself, but Maureen once showed me a book she kept with hundreds of four-leafed clovers falling out of its pages.

Here are a few items I’ve found in books over the years. Trust me, there’s plenty more to come.

I know it’s cheesy, but I can’t help but to wonder; who were these people, how did they end up here, what story do they tell?

As a side note, I include the title of the book in which I found the item for the ones I remember or documented.

"The Golden Treasury of Songs and Lyrics"

"What to Expect When You're Expecting"